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Masahiko Honma President

Majirushi Suisan was founded in 1974 as a wholesale distributor specializing in tuna. Since then, we have expanded our business by adding fish eggs, salmon, trout, crabs, shrimps, frozen foods, dried-salted fish and other seafood to our product line in response to requests from our customers.

Our subsidiary Marutoku Suisan Ltd. was established in 1986 within the Hakodate Municipal Wholesale Fish Market and has since been filling its role as an intermediary wholesaler.

In 1994, to offer top-quality products to our customers, we installed an ultracold freezing chamber for the storage of tuna to preserve its high quality. Then in 1996, we opened our new office in Sapporo mainly for tuna trading. Our careful services there are well received by our customers.

Our Bluefin tuna caught in Toi in Hakodate is immediately treated on shipboard with particular care to retain the highest quality and freshness of the fish. We are now endeavoring to increase our sales so that our reputed tuna will be enjoyed by more and more people. We look forward to giving you the utmost satisfaction with our proud products.

It is expected that our customer’s needs for seafood will further diversify at a rapid pace. We are determined to continue our effort to accumulate expertise in various business fields so that each of our staff can adequately respond to your requests based on comprehensive knowledge.

Thank you for your patronage. We are looking forward to serving you again.

Masahiko Honma

Company profile

Company name Majirushi Suisan Co., Ltd.
President Masahiko Honma
Board members Senior executive director: Syunzou Honma
Executive managing director: Masahiro Shimizu
Executive manager: Masaya Honma
Executive manager: Hidemi Takada
Main office Benten-cho 23-18, Hakodate, Hokkaido, Japan 040-0051
Tel: (0138) 26-8371

Sapporo office Shinhassamu 6-1-1-24, Teine-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan 006-0806
Tel: (011) 664-2776

Type of business seafood wholesaling
Foundation 1974
Capital 21 million yen
Number of employees 20 (including part-timers)
Sales amount 3,433,340 thousand yen (FY 2012)
3,331,430 thousand yen (FY 2013)
3,589,950 thousand yen (FY 2014)
Bank of account Hakodate Chuo Branch, North Pacific Bank, Ltd.
Hakodate Branch, Hokuriku Bank, Ltd.
Jujigai Branch, Hokkaido Bank, Ltd.
Hakodate Branch, Shoko Chukin Bank
Affiliate companies MA Co., Ltd.
Marutoku Suisan Ltd. (intermediary wholesaler operating in Hakodate Municipal Wholesale Fish Market)
Uose Ltd. (seafood processing, etc.)

Company history

March 1974 Majirushi Suisan Ltd. founded (capital: 3 million yen) in Bandai-cho16-15, Hakodate, Hokkaido.
1978 Capital increased to 8.75 million yen.
1982 Subsidiary Uose Ltd. founded.
1984 Capital increased to 12 million yen.
1986 Subsidiary Marutoku Suisan Ltd. founded, launching intermediary wholesaling in Hakodate Municipal Wholesale Fish Market.
1987 Suehiro Factory obtained for seafood processing.
1990 Capital increased to 21 million yen.
1991 The main office relocated to a newly constructed building in Benten-cho 23-18, Hakodate
1994 Installation of the ultracold freezing chamber.
Capacity: Tuna 300 t (freezing temperature: -55℃)
Other seafood 300 t (freezing temperature: -30℃)
1995 Sapporo office opened
1997 Incorporated as Majirushi Suisan Co., Ltd.
2005 Taking over the business right of Hayase Shoten (wholesaler of crab paste, smoked products, etc.). Majirushi Suisan Hinode Factory established at its premise.
2008 Fresh tuna treatment facilities in Sapporo office completed.
2013 Transfer of the Hinode Factory's manufacturing and selling rights of crab paste to the third company.